Walking the Wrong Way Home

Stories that will have you rooting for saints, sinners, and everyone in between. *price includes tax & s/h


Walking The Wrong Way Home takes you inside the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Where hidden secrets are brought to light and burned with past regrets in brush piles in the mountains of East Tennessee or used to set fire to the mass produced tall and skinnies taking over East Nashville. Between the pages you’ll meet Penny, an eighty-seven year old widow who sleeps in her red shoes, Jimmy, a quiet auto mechanic whose memories are never silent, Jewel a young girl who sees beauty everywhere, even though she’s lost almost everything, and Willie, a thirteen-year-old who faces his worst fears only to find out that the truth is scarier than any haint or ghost story he’s ever imagined. There’s Elma and Roy, who’ve been married for over forty years. Elma realizes on her sixty-third birthday that it’s not too late to live her life, but it takes Roy three weeks to notice.

 Spanning nearly twenty decades, the struggles and victories these characters face are timeless as they all work towards the same goal. A place to feel safe, a place to call home.

For fans of Fannie Flagg, Flannery O’Conner, Wiley Cash, Rick Bragg, Harper Lee, and Harry Crews, and readers who like to chase their stories with a shot of whiskey or find comfort in a hand stitched quilt.

Sharp as a Serpent’s Tooth – Eva and other stories

A collection of southern stories that will have you cheering for snakes and cussing in church. Due to our world being turned upside down by a pandemic, printing and shipping times are way behind schedule. Release date has been pushed to September 28th. Thank you for understanding and stay safe!


Sharp as a Serpent’s Tooth – Eva and other stories consists of two novellas and three short stories. Each story features a female protagonist, ranging in age from ten to ninety-five years of age. As Junebug Fischer would say, they are as different as blue jays and starlings, but they have two things in common. They’re wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Set in the south, you’ll follow these young women and girls as they learn that they’re stronger than they ever thought possible.

 You’ll meet Eva, the young daughter of traveling Pentecostal preachers catches snakes while her parents hide behind the bible and a large wooden crate. Eva’s life changes when she makes her first friend and realizes there’s more to life than fear.

In Plans for Sweet Lorraine, you’ll meet Lorraine’s mama, Cordelia – a fiery red-head with a temper to match, and a mind as sharp as the sting from a leather strap. She’ll do anything to keep her daughter safe. Even if she has to beat the devil himself.

Laurel, the young girl in The Day I Threw the Rock has no idea that she saved someone’s life, or that she may have killed someone to do it. She just knows that she should be allowed to wear overalls and play ball like the boys. Well, ain’t it true that she can throw a baseball harder and faster than Luke or John Randall? Just ask Sarah Rose’s Uncle…

Junebug Fischer is ready to set the record straight and let you know what really happened the summer she turned fifteen. It’s true she killed someone, but she never killed nobody on purpose. That was purely accidental.

When Charlotte’s world is turned upside down, her aunt is there to put it back on its axis. Charlotte learns that everything she’s been told about her long lost aunt has been a lie, and her aunt teaches her many important lessons. The most important lesson is forgiveness. Cussing Snakes and Candy Cigarettes is proof that there’s magic all around us, all we have to do is open our hearts and minds.

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