WALKING THE WRONG WAY HOME stories by Mandy Haynes

If you’ve read my older blogs, you know that I toyed with the idea of starting a Patreon account to help with the costs to publish my book.
I just couldn’t do it. I know other authors who have and they have fun doing it. And lots of success. But it just wasn’t for me.
I buckled down, checked under my couch cushions, cleaned out every nook and cranny, and found the finances to hire a cover designer. Her name is Robin Locke Monda and she’s great. I’ll attach her information at the bottom.
I was also very fortunate to have three wonderful, well established authors to read my manuscript and offer advice. After a few minor edits I decided it was ready.
I am blown away by all of the support. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered their copy.
The count is at one hundred and thirty eight as of a few minutes ago.
If you’d like to get on the list it’s not too late to receive a signed copy along with a few fun extras. Just send me an email to threedogswritepress@gmail.com. if you’d rather pay by check instead of online-that’s no problem! If you’re wondering, the total after tax and s/h comes to $19.05

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