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I have a novel, With a New Tongue Spoken in it’s first draft stages. If you read Cussing Snakes and Candy Cigarettes in Sharp as a Serpent’s Tooth then you’ve met Charlotte and her Aunt Corey. With a New Tongue Spoken will fill you in on Corey’s past as Charlotte navigates through a tangled mess of family secrets and rumors to find out that her aunt is nothing like the person she’d heard stories about her whole life.

Another novel, Papa Jewel’s Chosen One is on the back burner. The idea for this one came to me on a trip to New Orleans years ago. It started as a short story, but when it was blessed by a Voodoo Priest one Halloween night in the middle of Dumaine – well I was inspired to turn it into a novel and give it the space it deserved. Lil, the main character, is her great-grandfather’s chosen one. It’s time to tell her story.