Making friends in unexpected places

This memory popped up in my Facebook feed from three years ago. It was such a good one, I had to share it here.
So I was sitting in the ER last night beside a homeless man who had been bitten in the face by a spider. I was sick as a dog with a kidney infection. The place was packed so we were sitting shoulder to shoulder, sharing the armrest between us.
We got to be good friends after four or five hours.
I felt horrible. My temperature was 102 and I could barely keep my eyes open.
The whole left side of his face was swollen and red with infection. We made quite a pair.
After a while I said, “I’m thirsty. I think I’d like some water.” I reached into my purse to get some money, but it took me a minute. I swear it felt like my wallet weighed fifty pounds and it hurt to move. I was dreading the walk to the drink machine on the other side of the waiting room. I finally pulled out enough for two drinks and started to ask him if he wanted anything.
Before I could ask, he took the money out of my hand, and I thought well-ok, I guess that’s a yes. Poor guy had been waiting longer than I had and I was sure he was thirsty too.
But to my surprise he asked, “What did you want?”
I looked up at him and he patted my shoulder.

I realized that he was going to get my drink for me…

Be on the lookout, there are angels everywhere.

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