Some mistakes turn into magic

I have to share this story.
Years ago, I taught myself to crochet. I had scarves and small blankets down pat, so I decided to make a hats.
My first one was ridiculous. It was so tiny I didn’t think it would fit a preemie, but took it to work with me to drop off in the NICU anyway. But something told me to keep it in the echolab.
Not a week later, I get a new patient. A cancer patient going through chemotherapy who was terrified. She was wearing a sweet handmade hat and carrying a little bald babydoll. No one could touch her…until I remembered the hat.

It fit her doll like it was custom made for her little round rubber head.
While the patient talked about her doll, I was able to get the images we needed for her echocardiogram. And I got a bonus hug when we finished.
Fast forward to a few years later.
I’m meeting with a doctor to schedule my hysterectomy. I’m nervous, but okay. The doctor is very kind and patient and I’m grateful. All of a sudden she looks up from the computer and asks, “Do you work for cardiology?”
I answered yes.
“Do you do cardiac ultrasound?”
“Do you still crochet?”
I laughed and said yes.
She wheeled her stool closer and took my hand.
“My daughter and I were talking about you. Just this morning. She still has her doll, and she’s still wearing the hat you made.”
We both teared up and she went on to tell me that her daughter is in remission and doing great.
“She always wanted to come back and see you, but luckily, we didn’t have to. I can’t wait to tell her I saw you today!”
I often wondered how that little girl was doing, and now I knew.


  1. That is a wonderful story! It confirms so many things that are important – listening to the small quiet voice, being open to change and challenges, doing the kind things and not just the quick ones. It is gratifying to know you made a positive and lasting impression!

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