A Few Video Interviews/Chats

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I had a great time talking with author Scott Semegran of Austin Liti Limits.
There’s a mistake in the intro, but it’s understandable. It’s hard for me to keep up with my story sometimes! I was busy being a mama at fifteen. I never dreamed of traveling with a band back then, especially one that had legends like Mike Henderson, Tammy Rogers, Chris Stapleton or that banjo pickin’ Richard Bailey in it. But I married the banjo guy when my son went away to college. I traveled with the SteelDrivers on the weekends, selling merch and working the doors at their shows surrounded by some of the best writers and storytellers in Nashville. I was also working full time as a pediatric cardiac sonographer and it was hard, but man, it was an experience I’ll never forget. Those guys and gals, like Elkin, were so supportive and encouraging and they helped me find the courage to call myself a writer. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
What an honor to be the first guest on Nola Nash’s new project, Dead Folks’ Tails. I’m sharing one of my favorite New Orleans stories – the time I met the legendary Vodoo Priestess of Brooklyn. I never imagined I’d be sitting in her house in the Ninth Ward the next day sharing a meal. Sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction.