Pamela Lambiase

Pamela’s here! She flew down from Nashville on Tuesday, bringing with her the smells of lavender, eucalyptus and everything Pammie, smells that I’ve missed more than I realized.
And her smile.

It’s a long way from Nashville, but as soon as she got in my van at the airport, it was like were back in her hammock- laughing like we do at anything and everything.

Things are crazy here, but she doesn’t mind. I know she wanted to go straight to the beach, but she didn’t complain. Instead, we made the most of our time and stopped for a margarita while we watched the boats out on the intercoastal waterway before going to the new place so I could meet with an electrician.

We took a trip to Publix, then finally made it to my apartment. I’d told the pups that I was bringing them a surprise, but they had no idea what a great surprise I had for them. You probably heard them howling when their Grammie Pammie walked in the door.

She was the first person to meet them on the day Heather and I adopted the boys. They LOVE their Grammie Pammie like crazy.

She opened her Mary Poppins suitcase full of surprises. Plants from her yard to plant in my new one, toys and treats for the pups and I watched the pups act like kids at Christmas. So many presents, including a silicone mold which I immediately filled with a peanut butter Greek yogurt concoction to freeze for the wild things.

Yeah, they’re spoiled. But not only by me ❤.
We finally walked to the beach, sat on towels and watched dolphins out in the ocean while the sun set behind us. It was really something, sitting there with Pamela, realizing that this is my home now.
She and I have been through so many things in the last twenty years – separate things, but we faced them together. The deck on the back of her sweet little house on Dallas Ave. was a safe haven for me through life changing events. Lots of therapy out there. Way more laughter than tears, even though some days were not funny at all.

Somehow, we laughed through cancer scares, broken hearts, broken bones. A divorce, deaths, betrayals and humiliations. Maybe the tequila helped, maybe the good music on Lightning 100 played a part (we always had music playing), or maybe the shrimp toast she always seemed to have in the freezer when we’d get hungry was the trick. Nah, I mean of course all of that helped, but I think we were able to laugh when others would crumble because that’s what we’re made of.
We get each other.

But we also celebrated triumphs and victories out there on her deck, surrounded by all of Pamela’s flowers. Some small – others huge. Birthdays and holidays and some “just because” days.
Every day with a good friend is a day that should be celebrated.

It won’t be long until Pamela is off on her own adventure. She’s moving to Utah, where she’ll have a view of the beautiful Pine Mountains from her patio. She’s just a short distance away from Zion National Park and too many beautiful things to list. She knows the area well, but this will be the first time she’s called it home. I’m so excited for her.

Lots of big changes for us both, but we will only be a phone call away from each other. She’ll have a place to visit when she needs beach therapy and I’ve never been to Utah…😁


    1. This is what a twenty plus years of friendship is like. It’s a beautiful thing. ❤

  1. I have a framed note that states “the way to the house of a friend is never long”. I had to laugh at your quote “No one will be as entertained by us as us” because I totally get that. I’ve snort laughed with some friends over things that no one else understands. Inside jokes and shared experiences become the super glue in friendships!

  2. I’m so glad she was able to come visit and get some pups, beach, and friend time.

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