Life lessons from a seven year old.

I’m so glad I used Facebook as a place to share my day when I was a sonographer, because they pop up in my memory feed and remind me of the great kids and parents I had the good fortune to meet.
This is a great memory and a good lesson for all of us.
I echoed a young, nonverbal kiddo yesterday. His older brother, five years old was worried sick. “Don’t hurt him, I love him.” He told me before we even got in the room.

The oldest, a sister who was seven, took charge. She sat on the bed.
I stuck a sticker on her hand to show her brothers how not sticky they were.

Then, she took the transducer from me and showed it to her brothers to assure them there wasn’t a needle attached or electric current coming through that would kill them, ha.
When I added gel, she touched it first, then smeared it on both boys to let them know it didn’t burn their skin off.
She was as adorable as her mother. The mother wasn’t sure how it would work, but let us all figure it out while standing by ready to jump in if needed.
She’d done such a great job with her kids that she really didn’t have to do a thing. She’d taught them everything they needed to know.
She’d taught them compassion and trust.

I was lucky to meet them.
When it was over, I got three hugs and one, “Thank you. We’ll come see you again!” From the older brother who had been so worried I would hurt his little brother that he’d almost cried when I brought them in the echo room.
Good news- no they won’t see me again because their brother’s heart was perfect 😉. Bad news…I’ll never see them again to get another round of hugs.

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