When I was "pitcher taker "

I met an adorable, talkative, nervous, very southern, perfectly geeky fifteen year old and her mom.
The patient went from introducing herself, to telling me where she got her glasses, to where she got her sandals, to how weird she felt in a hospital top, to her love of astrology to asking me about one of my tattoos back to her love of astrology and astronomy in about two minutes.
“I want a tattoo, but mama don’t like them. I want to get the date my grandmother died in Roman numbers on my wrist.”
There was a quiet second so I said, “You should get the solar system tattooed around your arm here.”
She went nuts. Her mom laughed and said “Thanks alot.” We both kept laughing as her daughter described about fifty different tattoos -in detail- she wanted.
She completely forgot to be nervous about the echocardiogram or the cardiology visit.
At the end of the study I looked at her mom and said, “Your daughter is going to be covered in ink from under her chin to the tops of her feet by the time she’s twenty.”
She burst out laughing and said, “All thanks to her pitcher taker.”


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