Rise and SHINE!

One day last week after a sunrise walk, the pups and I ran into a pair of identical twin sisters at the dunes. They were in their late sixties or maybe mid-seventies – hard to tell because they were wearing identical dark sunglasses and both had a beautiful head of dyed red hair – not a single grey. I couldn’t stop looking at them and my boys. Two sets of twins.

Pearl and the boys – Curly and Moe

Anyway, one sister was saying how much the dunes had changed since the last two hurricanes. I asked about the sign, posted at the beginning of the walk.
If you look close it says Oscar lives here

“Oh! Oscar. He’s a gopher tortoise, but no one’s seen him since hurricane Matthew.”
Well, I saw Oscar yesterday. He’s alive and well, about the size of a big gumbo pot lid. His shell is perfect and he was moving along, faster than you imagine a tortoise can go. I could have kicked myself for not having my camera with me, but sometimes I just can’t wrangle three dogs and my phone.
I hope we see the sisters again.  I want to tell them we saw Oscar, and I’d love to ask them some questions. Maybe get a photo.
A beautiful Wednesday morning.

We made the sunrise this morning and found a treasure, a new smelly jelly. Pearl loves them and has to sniff them all over.
I love them because each one looks like blown glass sculptures.

We’ve found all kinds of treasures in the last month.

But now it’s time for a cup of coffee and to sit. No more rambling until I get some work done. I’m working on a fun Friday blog, called Fan-Girl Friday, where I’ll introduce you to some incredibly talented people that I’ve been fortunate to know and I’m a fan of. I’ve had great responses from the people I’ve reached out to – all I have to do is stay inside and work out the details.  It’s a great lineup already – photographers, artists, travelers, do-gooders, songwriters, authors, and hopefully a buck dancer or two.
Until then – be kind, have fun, and look for magic in ordinary places.


  1. Lovely photographs and a breezy and mood-lifting blog! Nice knowing you and looking forward to reading more of your work. Glad you liked my blog, thanks for the follow!

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