I was almost ready to turn around and cut our walk short.
The wild things were full of themselves. We’d already passed one lady on a scooter who caused them to bark and yank on their leashes – looking more like Hannibal Lecter than the sweet pups they are. The lady on the scooter laughed, but I didn’t.
Then there were three Harleys that we had to let pass before we could cross the main road to the beach access. I think one of the bikers and Pearl flipped each other off… That did make me laugh, but not at my pups.
I almost turned around then, but something said to keep going. I made the pups swear on a box of milkbones that they’d behave and we continued on to the beach.
We get to the walk that takes you over the dunes and a rabbit hops by.
As my pups are doing their best Elmer Fudd impression I looked up and spotted Oscar.

He walked closer, ignoring my pups.

And turned to look at my straight in the eye.

Then my pups saw him and barked like wild animals.

He looked at us for a minute more, then flipped Pearl off and went on his way.
Seeing Oscar, and knowing that he still lives here, made up for everything else.

If you think about, our glasses are always full – maybe full of air, but still…😁


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